steps up as Autodesk halts Forge 3D Printing API for developers


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As Autodesk is putting the brakes January 15th on development of its Forge Application Program Interface (API) for 3D printing in favor of other projects, meaning developers will only be able to drop into websites and apps tools for 3D modeling & printing that will be slow, old, and offer you less control.

Developers will be happy to hear that is stepping up to save the day with smart 3D printing & CAD! is smart 3D for end-to-end additive manufacturing, and includes tools for:

  • Product design & industrial design
  • 3D printing
  • 3D models
  • Architecture design
  • Engineering

Through an Application Program Interface (API) built for innovation you will have access to smart tools to save you time and money.

Now developers, programmers, engineers, designers, and architects have more control than ever, even as Autodesk leaves 3D printing and additive manufacturing behind.

Developers have a full suite of tools through, and using innovations in smart 3D printing & CAD they can help make suggestions for you about preparing your model, and the best prices, materials, and 3D printing service providers.

Available right now through our API:

Looking ahead, we look forward to hearing from developers attending the Autodesk FORGE DevCon 2017 November 13-14 in Las Vegas. is here to help you transition from the Autodesk Forge API and help you step boldly into the future by building infrastructure for innovation in 3D printing and additive manufacturing with

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