CAD Model Editor API Review


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CAD Model Editor API

In previous posts I wrote about APIs designed to convert, repair, and extract parameters from a CAD file. But what about changing the 3D model itself – the geometry, look, and function of the CAD design?

According to surveys of over 7,000 manufacturers, 50% of people experience challenges importing models from other CAD tools. When models can’t be imported, engineers and designers are forced to recreate them from scratch, which can be a slow and tedious process. Even when they are able to import models, 60% of people find modifying them to be a challenge.

This is where’s newest API, the CAD Model Editor, can help.

This API allows you to modify different parts of your 3D model. First and foremost, you can rotate your designs. Rotate the entire mesh around any given axis to see your 3D model from any angle and to re-orient it. (Rotation is counter-clockwise around the axis as seen along the positive axis towards the origin.)

Mirroring the mesh is another useful feature, allowing you to create duplicates of your models.

Finally one of the most useful features of this API is the ability to scale your model any way you like. By growing or shrinking the mesh of your 3D model, you can tailor a model to your exact needs.

For vendors, this scaling option could display ‘units’ for your customers. Technically there are there are no units explicitly specified in an STL file but by setting the scale factor of your editor to 25.4, you can measure your model in millimeters.

CAD Model Editor: Key Features

  • Mirror planes
  • Rotate axes
  • Translate directions
  • Scale mesh
  • Very fast – editing is done in a matter of seconds! (Graph example)
  • JSON response (with the url of the edited file to download)
  • Very easy to use and to integrate, using our docs page .

 See it in action

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