CAD Model Viewer API Review


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CAD Model Viewer API

3D Viewer API

If you’re working with CAD files or 3D models, you need powerful tools that give you the freedom to display models on your website exactly the way you want. These tools are important because they allow users to preview 3D models before they are sent out for 3D printing or manufacturing. However, most of today’s tools require advanced computer graphics skills, and so, most service providers often skip this very critical step.

Website responsive views

Website responsive views

They don’t have to any more.’s CAD Model Viewer API provides an easy way for their uploaded files to view and manipulate 3D models directly in the browser.

CAD Model Viewer


Features Materialise Autodesk MakePrintable
Pan x
View Box x x x
Grid x x
Wireframe x x x
Bounding Box x x x
Autorotate x x x x
Section Cut x x
Subdivide / Smooth x x x x
Volume x x x
Size x x
Vertices x x
Triangles x x
Uniform Scaling x x
Non uniform scaling x x
Quick Set Material x x x
Preset materials library x x x
Custom Material Creation x x x x
Natural Lighting Customization x x x
Directional Lighting Customization x x x x
Panoramic Background x x x
Static Image Background x x x x
Solid Color Background x x x
Gradient Color Background x x x x
Ground/Land/Floor x x x
Snapshot x x
Augmented Reality x x x x
Virtual Reality x x x

Key Features of 3D Viewer

The viewer comes with some really useful features, including:

  • Preview Model
  • Rotate
  • Zoom
  • Grid Helper
  • Wireframe
  • Bounding Box
  • Auto-rotate
  • Create Snapshot
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • View Box
  • Cross Section Cut
  • Subdivide / Smooth Mesh

Some of the features also have powerful sub features like


  • Uniform Scaling
  • Non-Uniform Scaling


  • Quick Material
  • Preset Materials Library
  • Custom Create New Materials


  • Natural Lighting
  • Directional Lighting


  • Panoramic HDR Background
  • Static Image Background
  • Solid Color Background
  • Gradient Color Background
  • Ground/Land/Floor

It also provides important information about 3D models:

  • Volume
  • Size
  • Vertices
  • Triangles

All these feature come in a single widget that makes it’s integration the easiest. See video below for a detailed list of API features.’s CAD Model Viewer API is a perfect solution if you work with CAD files from a wide variety of systems as it will accelerate your design process, provide visual information, save time and development costs and increase your productivity.

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