New Tech Company Launches Robust SaaS-based API for CAD / CAM Industry


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Smart APIs to Disrupt Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing Industries

Autodesk and 3D Systems should be afraid. is a small but mighty tech company, offering a SaaS-based API for computer aided design (CAD) and manufacturing industries that is crushing competitors with the latest, most powerful features.

Packaged as a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, this 10-employee Ogdensburg, NY-based company has introduced a “developers-first” API into the market.

The APIs are targeted at companies that use or want to add CAD/CAM features but lack time to develop an in-house solution. The opportunities are endless when it comes to building new products, services, apps and even bots.

Why APIs?

  • “Developer-first” product
    We love developers and want to help you succeed! We make it easy for companies and developers to implement powerful and smart CAD features.
  • SaaS-based APIs
    Software as a Service (SaaS) Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) will be the backbone of application development in the coming years.
  • Scalable platform
    Do you have tens, hundreds or thousands of users? No problem. Our robust and flexible infrastructure has you covered.
  • Powerful CAD features
    View, repair, convert, edit and order your CAD files with ease.
  • Quick and easy to integrate
    Simple, straightforward documentation allows you to have your app up and running in 5 minutes.
  • Secured cloud servers
    No need to worry about infrastructure or data control. Everything runs on a secure cloud server infrastructure powered by Amazon.
  • Outstanding technical support
    We’ve got your back day or night. All paid accounts come with dedicated tech support.
  • Lowest monthly prices
    We have the lowest prices or will beat any competitor price
  • Top performance results
    Our APIs perform better than any similar product on the market today. Check the results for yourself.

Our APIs vs Competitors

Additive Manufacturing API

Get real-time quotes for your projects and order from professional manufacturing services instantly.

Features Materialise Autodesk MakePrintable
Instant Quote x x x
Compare Pricing x x x x
Sort by Vendors x x x x
Sort by Materials x x x x
Sort by Finishes x x x x
Filter by Materials x x x x
Multiple Currency x x x
Direct Order x x x

CAD Model Viewer API

Embed on your website or app and view CAD models and 3D designs in seconds.

Features Materialise Autodesk MakePrintable
Pan x
View Box x x x
Grid x x
Wireframe x x x
Bounding Box x x x
Autorotate x x x x
Section Cut x x
Subdivide / Smooth x x x x
Volume x x x
Size x x
Vertices x x
Triangles x x
Uniform Scaling x x
Non uniform scaling x x
Quick Set Material x x x
Preset materials library x x x
Custom Material Creation x x x x
Natural Lighting Customization x x x
Directional Lighting Customization x x x x
Panoramic Background x x x
Static Image Background x x x x
Solid Color Background x x x
Gradient Color Background x x x x
Ground/Land/Floor x x x
Snapshot x x
Augmented Reality x x x x
Virtual Reality x x x

CAD Model Editor

Manipulate, resize, rotate, transform, scale your 3D models with ease.

Features Materialise Autodesk MakePrintable
Rotate x x x x
Scale x x x
Translate x x x x
Mirror x x x x
Mesh Merge x x x x

CAD Model Parameter Extractor

Extracts valuable data about the model including volume, dimensions and bounding box size. Calculate weight and return manufacturing prices for a 3D model.

Features Materialise Autodesk MakePrintable
Dimensions x x
Volume x x
Triangles x x x
Vertices x x x
Surface Area Soon x x x

CAD Model Converter

Convert any of the 54 supported CAD file formats into 3D-printable files such as STL, OBJ, DAE, PLY;

Features Materialise Autodesk MakePrintable
Supported file Imports 54+ 18 60 20 99
Supported file Exports 4 1 6 1 10

CAD Model Repair API

Analyze, fix and prepare CAD files for additive or subtractive manufacturing.

Features Materialise Autodesk MakePrintable
Fill Holes x x
Intersecting objects x x
Flipped faces x x
Non-manifold issues x x
Degenerate faces x x x
Double Triangles Soon x x x
Wall thickness Soon x x
Slicing Soon x x x
Hollowing Soon x x x
Mesh Reduction Soon x x x x

Thumbnail Generator

Create thumbnail snapshots of your 3D models from any angle.

3D-Printing Materials Library

Provides data and specifications for over 268 3D-printing materials.

About was founded in October 2016 by veterans of the 3D-printing industry and creators of 3Dponics (now powered by APIs), the world’s first 3D-printable and open-source parametric gardening system with over 13,000 registered makers and an award for best application of 3D printing in 2015. The same team also launched 3Dprintler (also powered by APIs), a search engine for 3D-printing services, resembling the Kayak or TripAdvisor, which raised a seven-figure investment in 2016.

Since its inception, the startup has raised over $100,000 in seed round funding.

Michael Golubev at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield

Michael Golubev at TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield

Looking for Early Adopters

We are now focusing all our efforts on securing early adopters and developing more APIs. While Autodesk is depreciating their 3D Print API on January 15, 2017, welcomes all developers left out and introduces free accounts for all early adopters.

Special thanks goes to MakeXYZ, Envirolaser, DroneDeploy, TreatStock, Tiertime and other companies who started collaborating with us.

Interested in becoming an early adopter of our APIs?

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