Bringing Startup to Silicon Valley for the 10th Annual TechCrunch Awards


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Congratulations to winners of the 10th annual TechCrunch Crunchies awards in San Francisco, February 6th at the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco!

Automated delivery company Otto walked away with the top honors in the ‘Startup of the Year’ category for their automated driving solution for truck drivers in particular, and has led to being acquired by the Uber development team.



otto_techcrunch_2 showcased in the Startup Alley section of the show, showcasing the best winners at the TechCrunch Disrupt events in New York City, San Francisco, and London throughout the year. These startups blew our mind with their clever solutions for helping people, media production, travel, and technology.

We were joined by other great startups like These folks were next to our booth and put out this clever little travel which we can see being acquired by the likes of Kayak or Expedia.


The app aims to help you travel the world in 80 days for under $1000 – but that’s once they include the whole world in their platform.

For the time being you can set any destination and the website will get you the most bang-for-your-travel-buck possible. The website, for example, helped me find a trip from London through Berlin in 8 days with a stop in Hamburg for $130 bucks. One-way trips like this are also available. Basically, you can see the world on your way to your destination. Make your next trip about the journey, not the destination with

Other award winners included Jeff Lawson from the cloud platform Twilio for ‘Founder of the Year’. He spoke passionately about how the tech community needed to be more inclusive and take responsibility for the social impacts their technologies make.


‘App of the Year’ went to Pokemon Go, for the cultural phenomena it created with its launch. The members of the team promised further updates to the game in the weeks to come.


Our trip to San Francisco was full of great meetings and opportunities. One that stood out for us was one meeting with Tata, a disruptive car manufacturer who put out a $3000 car, and opens up the car market to tens of millions in India who otherwise couldn’t afford one.


The event was hosted by actress Chelsea Peretti who we’re wishing a happy, healthy pregnancy!


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